What Is Artificial Intelligence? | šŸ”„Artificial Intelligence Course | AI In 5 Minutes | |Simplilearn

What Is Artificial Intelligence? | šŸ”„Artificial Intelligence Course | AI In 5 Minutes | |Simplilearn

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This video on “What is Artificial Intelligence?” will help you learn Artificial Intelligence in 5 minutes and introduces you to Artificial Intelligence and gives you an overview of the Artificial Intelligence course with a fun and simple approach. We will talk about what is Artificial Intelligence, how it’s different from Machine Learning and Deep Learning, and its features, types, and scope. We also look at some interesting applications of Artificial Intelligence.

By the end of this video, you will understand:
0:00 What is Artificial Intelligence?
03:13 Difference between Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning
What is Artificial Intelligence?
What is Machine Learning?
What is Deep Learning?
01:52 Examples of Artificial Intelligence
03:46 Future of Artificial Intelligence

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What is Artificial Intelligence?
Artificial Intelligence or AI is the combination of algorithms used for the purpose of creating intelligent machines that have the same skills as a human being. It uses machine learning and deep learning techniques to build complex systems.

About Simplilearn Artificial Intelligence course:
Simplilearnsā€™ Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course is designed to help learners decode the mystery of artificial intelligence and its business applications. The course provides an overview of AI concepts and workflows, machine learning and deep learning, and performance metrics.

What are the career benefits of this Introduction to AI course?
Artificial intelligence has become a powerful driving force in a wide range of industries, helping people and businesses create exciting, innovative products and services, enable more informed business decisions, and achieve key performance goals. The median salary of an AI engineer in the US is $171,715(Source: Datamation). By 2022, the AI market will grow at a CAGR of 53.25 percent, an estimated. 2.3 million jobs will be created in the AI field by 2020 (Source: Gartner).

What are the course objectives?
The Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course will give you a look at the booming field of AI and show you how AI can help drive business value. The course covers basic concepts, terminologies, scope and stages of artificial intelligence and their effect on real-world business processes. By the end of the course, you will be able to clearly define various supervised and unsupervised AI algorithms, apply machine learning workflow to solve business problems and measure ROI based on performance metrics.

What skills will you learn from this Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course?
Upon completion of this course, you will understand:
1. The meaning, purpose, scope, stages, applications and effects of AI
2. Fundamental concepts of machine learning and deep learning
3. The difference between supervised, semi-supervised and unsupervised learning

Who should take this Introduction to Artificial Intelligence course?
Simplilearnā€™s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence imparts the basic concepts and principles of Artificial Intelligence to learners. The course caters to CxO level and middle management professionals who want to improve their ability to derive business value and ROI from AI and machine learning. This Artificial Intelligence Introduction course does not require a programming or IT background, making it well-suited for the following audience:
1. Developers aspiring to be an artificial intelligence engineer or machine learning engineer
2. Analytics managers who are leading a team of analysts
3. Information architects who want to gain expertise in AI algorithms

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What Is Artificial Intelligence? | šŸ”„Artificial Intelligence Course | AI In 5 Minutes | |Simplilearn

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