Dynamic Programming Classification

Dynamic Programming Classification

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In this video, I have explained about all the classification of dynamic programming problems based on two difficulty levels.The first level is for easy to medium level problems which is very important for interviews for various MNCs like Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung, Flipkart etc. The second type is advanced dynamic programming classification which is important for competitive programming and other contests.Knowing about classification will be very helpful to solve a given problem because if we can convert a given problem to some well known parent DP problem then we can simply apply the same logic as is used for parent problem to get the solution for our problem.This will make solving a problem much more structured and easier.In the 1st classification i have included all Knapsack problems which included 0-1 knapsack, LCS, LIS, Matrix chain multiplication, DP on grid, Kadane’s algorithm and others.These are very important with respect to interviews.The 2nd classification is based on advanced dynamic programming and includes classes like: DP Kth lexicographical string, DP on Tree, DP+Bitmasking, DP+BIT/Segment Tree,DP+Convex Hull,DP preprocessing,DP+TRIE,DP+Geometry,DP+Binary Search,DP+Knuth Optimization etc.If you find any difficulty or have any query then do COMMENT below. PLEASE help our channel by SUBSCRIBING and LIKE our video if you found it helpful…CYA 🙂

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Dynamic Programming Classification