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10 MUST-KNOW Tips For Sustainable Travel In Hawaii • Ordinary Traveler

With more than 400 threatened and endangered species in the state, Hawaii has been named the “endangered species capital of the world” and it’s more important than ever for travelers to keep sustainability in mind when traveling to this gorgeous part of the world. I recently visited the Big Island of Hawaii and stayed at… Read More »

Dr. Joe Dispenza Meditation Retreat

Subsequent to encountering two of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s week-long contemplation withdraws, I needed to share my musings and tips on what’s in store and how to get ready! First experience with Dr. Joe’s work started around two years prior — when one of my most loved transformational speakers, Kyle Cease, shared a video of Dr.… Read More »

15 Best Places To Have A Destination Wedding • Ordinary Traveler

These 15 best places to have a goal wedding incorporate winter wonderland spots, sea shore get away, tropical heavens, and social meccas! Arranging a goal wedding is an energizing possibility. You’ll be getting hitched in one of the most delightful areas on the planet and welcoming your dearest loved ones to appreciate the exceptional day,… Read More »

How To Protect Yourself While Traveling

With the subject ruling the news of late, you may be thinking about how to remain safe from the Coronavirus while voyaging. There have been features of travels isolated because of episodes, flights being dropped, individuals being held at air terminals, and severe lockdowns in China — the nation where the Novel Coronavirus started. With… Read More »

20 Best Things To Do in Italy (MUST-SEE Sights!) • Ordinary Traveler

This must-peruse manual for the 20 best activities in Italy covers everything — food, craftsmanship, engineering, nature, exercises, and history! In a nation so differing, narrowing down the best activities in Italy is an extreme errand. That is to say, there are 20 areas in the nation, each with their own unmistakable societies and attractions,… Read More »